Family Court Without a Lawyer? Your Guide

Facing family court without a lawyer? You're not alone! This guide explores representing yourself in court (litigant in person) and how a McKenzie friend with 10+ years of experience can be your saving grace.
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No-Fault Divorce UK: Your Complete Guide

Facing separation can be stressful and confusing. This blog post explains everything you need to know about no-fault divorce, addressing common concerns and highlighting how we as your McKenzie friend can support you throughout the process.
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Divorce Mistakes You Can Avoid: A Step-by-Step Guide

Divorce got you confused? Don't fall for common mistakes! This guide reveals pitfalls to avoid, from finances to communication. Learn how to protect your rights & navigate smoothly. Plus, see how a McKenzie friend can be your rock, offering support and ensuring your voice is heard.
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What is a McKenzie Friend? UK Family Court Law

In the world of legal matters, you might have heard of something called a McKenzie Friend. This blog post aims to explain what a McKenzie Friend is and how they can assist you when hiring a lawyer isn't an option due to financial constraints.
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