Non-Molestation Orders

McKenzie Friend for Non-Molestation Orders

Are you feeling harassed, threatened, or stalked? A non-molestation order can help you regain your peace of mind.

Living in fear of your ex-partner’s behavior is unacceptable. McKenzie Friend provides swift relief and peace of mind with a Non-Molestation Order, secured within 24 hours for urgent cases.


Cant Afford a Lawyer? Get Help from a Mckenzie Friend

As a McKenzie Friend, we can help you apply for a non-molestation order and support you in court. We understand the emotional trauma that can be caused by harassment and intimidation, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

  • Put our minds at ease. Great information passed onto us. Never a time where haven’t been helped. Lovely friendly and down to earth. Helped at all points.

    David Pritchard
  • Absolutely amazing, from the start off my nightmare to the end this guy has been there i couldn’t recommend him enough his experience and knowledge is second to none ,i would highly recommend his service to anyone he will put you in the right path 10/10

    Danny Dixon
  • Found the advice and support got from this company amazing and nothing seems to be to much trouble for them, I liked them due to having good sound ethics and also understanding my situation as well as a good understanding of the law and translating it in to terms I could understand

    DJ Dan
  • Very good service, took the pressure off me and to be honest if it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t of carried it through , a top bloke that has been in our situation thank you

    Ben Gourley
  • Preenay excellent professional services with someone who really cares. Cannot rate highly enough. Stands by you every step of the way. Highly recommend

    Darren Woodford

Non-Molestation Orders Process

Your safety should be a top priority. Get expert help with Non-Molestation Orders today.

Initial Consultation

We begin with a confidential consultation, where we listen to your concerns and gather essential details about your situation. This initial step allows us to understand your needs fully and provide personalised guidance.


Case Assessment

Our qualified team will carefully look at your case, checking all the evidence and figuring out what to do next. No case is too big or small for us. We make sure your case is explained well, showing how serious and urgent it is.


Trusted Representation

With our experienced team by your side, you’ll receive dedicated representation throughout the legal proceedings. We advocate fiercely on your behalf, ensuring your voice is heard and your safety is prioritised in court.


Post-Resolution Support

Our support doesn’t end here. We can help you understand the terms of your order and answer any questions you may have. We can also connect you with additional resources for safety planning and emotional support.

McKenzie Friend for Non-Molestation Orders UK

We can help you:

Discover Your Rights and Options

We clarify non-molestation orders, assess your eligibility, and provide alternatives like mediation.

Gather Strong Evidence

We assist in gathering vital evidence, such as texts, emails, and witness statements, and guide you on presenting it effectively.

Prepare for Court

We simplify the court process, offer practice for your testimony, and ready you for potential questions.

Effective Communication

We facilitate clear communication with the court and your ex-partner, aiding negotiation and settlements.

Areas of Expertise

Obtaining Orders

When immediate safety is a concern, we act swiftly to file for non-molestation orders, often securing them within 24 to 48 hours.

Variations and Discharges

If circumstances change, you may need to alter or end an existing order. We provide legal guidance for varying or discharging non-molestation orders.

Extending Orders

Sometimes, a temporary order is not enough. We can assist in extending your non-molestation order for continued protection.

Representing in Cases of Breach

If an existing order has been breached, we provide robust legal support to ensure that justice is served.

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frequently asked questions

Non-Molestation Help with McKenzie Friend

What is a Non-Molestation Order?

A non-molestation order is a legal provision that aims to protect individuals from harassment or physical abuse from a partner, former partner, or family member.

How long does a Non-Molestation Order last?

Non-molestation orders can be granted for up to six months, but they can be extended for longer if necessary.

What happens if someone breaches a non-molestation order?

If someone breaches a non-molestation order, they can be arrested and charged with a criminal offence.

How can a McKenzie Friend help me with a non-molestation order?

A McKenzie Friend can help you with all aspects of your non-molestation order application, including gathering evidence, preparing your court case, and representing you in court.

Will I need a solicitor to go to court for a non-molestation order?

You do not need a solicitor to go to court for a non-molestation order. You can represent yourself in court, or ask us to help you. As a McKenzie Friend, we can provide support and assistance to you in court if you are not represented by a lawyer.

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