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Don't stress about solicitor fees. We're here to help with child custody arrangements affordably.

We can help you:

  • Understand your legal rights and options in family law.
  • Complete the C100 application form.
  • Collect and organise evidence for family court.
  • Prepare for and attend court hearings.
  • Negotiate with your spouse and their lawyer on matters such as child custody, child access, and child support.
  • If needed, we can highlight your interests while you represent yourself in court.
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  • Both Preenay and Klaudia were excellent in supporting me with my child arrangements order; from the very first call with Preenay to discuss my situation, to the final hearing which Preenay attended, he’s been very professional and informative throughout. Klaudia has assisted me mostly throughout the last 18 months and has always remained non-judgemental, professional and very understanding of my situation.

    Jon Spittle
    Mckenzie Friend Review
  • I have not seen my daughter in several years and did not have a great experience with the highly paid solicitors I used previously.
    I highly recommend using the services of this McKenzie Friend, who offer affordable advice and support.
    Preenay Chohan has been a rock throughout my journey and has worked tirelessly, sometimes very late into the night, for my case. He is really professional and has made me feel comfortable and at ease, especially in the empathy he has shown.

    J. Taper
    Mckenzie Friend Review
  • This is a great option if you do not have the funds for a lawyer. As you are getting the right information that is required for each step of the legal process. Very reasonably priced as well. Preenay is a gentleman and his team are always on hand to help.

    Abu J.
    Mckenzie Friend Review
  • After speaking to Preenay Chohan yeaterday my situation was made a lot clearer and he has given me some options to consider going forward, in what I can only describe as an horrendous situation I have found myself in. He was understanding and compassionate. And I will not hesitate to get back in touch if and when I need to clarify anything.

    Paolo Bissolati
    Mckenzie friend review
  • Very friendly people & supported me all the way my court cases, I had the pleasure of meeting both Preenay & Klaudia & they were both just fantastic.
    18 month’s of not seeing my children for now to have a court order in place. Would 100% recommend Mckenzie Friend services to anybody who is struggling for child arrangements!

    Adam Read
  • I was given the details by a friend, who likewise had problems maintaining arrangements for their children. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Preenay made me feel at ease instantly & got to the nuts’n’bolts of my issue. Gave sound advise & assured me that if I do need further help, then MFS are more than happy to assist.

    Mike Avey
  • Great experience with Mr. Chohan. Always has helped Alot, my case would have costed me over a few grands. Price efficient and considerate. I really do owe him Alot, his helped me and created a open channel and custody over my child. He actually goes beyond his pay.

    Ray Hussain

Need Help with Child Arrangements After Separation?

Our experienced McKenzie Friends specialise in affordable family law support. We help parents reach agreements outside of court (mediation, negotiation) to minimise stress and prioritise your child’s well-being. If court is needed, we’ll guide you through the family court process.

Child Arrangement Process

Our divorce and family law McKenzie Friends offer expert advice on child-related matters, ensuring the best outcome for your family.
Here's how we guide you through each step:

Initial Consultation

You will get clear answers on child arrangements, visitation, and any disputes during your initial consultation. We’ll explain your UK legal rights and explore options like mediation or family court to help you move forward confidently.


Preparation & Guidance

Our McKenzie Friends help you gather key documents (birth certificate, school records etc.) and create a proposal focused on your child’s well-being. We also provide communication strategies for effective discussions with your ex-partner.


Hearing Support

Court hearings can be stressful. Our McKenzie Friends simplify procedures, help you present your case, and ensure your voice is heard from the first to the final hearing. We keep you updated and answer any legal questions you may have.

Child Arrangements help by McKenzie Friend UK

Why Hire McKenzie Friend for Your Child Custody Case?

Affordable Rates

Unlike solicitors with hourly billing, our fees are clear. You get first 30-Min free consultation and then 1-hour in-depth discussion for just £100.

Dedicated Attention

Solicitors can be busy, making communication difficult. With us, you have direct access, faster response times and flexible schedules.

Specialised Knowledge

As McKenzie Friends, we specialise in child custody arrangements and understand the nuances of family court proceedings, including help with the C100 form.

Guidance for Self-Representation

Expensive solicitors are not needed! We empower you with the knowledge and confidence to represent yourself effectively in family court.

Areas of Expertise

If You're Attending Family Court Without a Lawyer - McKenzie Friend Can Help!

Child Arrangements

Child arrangements can be complex in the UK. We can help you navigate the law and represent your interests, whether you want joint, sole, or shared care.

Child Support & Financial Arrangements

Financial disputes can amplify the emotional stress of separation. We offer expert advice on child support and can help negotiate financial arrangements.

Live With Orders

Maintaining a healthy relationship with both parents is vital for children’s well-being. We help create fair and balanced child contact schedules that priorities their best interests.

Adoption & Surrogacy

Our personalised support helps you navigate the complexities of adoption and surrogacy proceedings. We offer practical advice, assist with paperwork, and ensure a smooth administrative process.

Mediation & Dispute Resolution

When emotions run high, it’s difficult to find common ground. We offer mediation services to help both parties reach an agreement that serves the best interests of the child.

Grandparent Rights

For Grandparent Rights, we advocate for you empathetically. Our experts will guide you through court processes, help prepare statements, and offer strategic help, so that you’re well prepared for court hearings.

Facing Custody Court Anxiety? We’ve Got You Covered.

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UK Child Custody Help: Affordable & Tailored

Mothers Looking For Shared or Solo Custody

Are you a mother navigating child arrangements after a separation or divorce? Our qualified McKenzie Friends can empower you to present your case effectively and ensure all relevant factors are considered.

Fathers Looking For Shared or Solo Custody

Are you a father aiming for shared or sole custody of your child? At McKenzie Friends, we can help you negotiate a shared custody agreement or pursue solo custody that reflects your parental rights and responsibilities.

Grandparents Seeking Child Arrangements

Are you concerned about maintaining a strong relationship with your grandchild? We can help you explore your options for obtaining visitation rights or even applying for a child arrangements order (subject to court approval).

Family Court Without a Lawyer

Representing yourself in child arrangements can be daunting, but our McKenzie Friends offer vital support. We offer clear guidance on legal procedures, assist with document preparation, and help you present your case effectively in family court.

Frequently Asked Questions

Child Arrangements help by McKenzie Friend UK

What factors does the court consider when awarding child custody?

Courts consider the child’s best interests, relationship with each parent, preferences (if old enough), each parent’s ability to care for the child, and financial situation when awarding child custody.

What are Child Arrangement Orders?

A Child Arrangements Order is a legal agreement that outlines where the child will live, who they will spend time with, and other considerations related to the child’s upbringing.

How much does a McKenzie Friend cost?

A McKenzie Friend’s cost depends on how complicated your case is and their experience. However, they’re generally much cheaper than hiring a lawyer. While initial in-depth consultations with McKenzie Friends typically start around £100, we offer a free initial consultation for the first 30 minutes to discuss your case and determine how we can assist you further.

Will I need a solicitor to go to court for a Child Arrangement Order?

You do not need a solicitor to go to court for a child arrangement order. You can represent yourself in court, or ask us to help you. As a McKenzie Friend, we can provide support and assistance to you in court if you are not represented by a lawyer.

My ex and I worked out a plan for our child after separation. Do we still need to go to court?

Going to court isn’t mandatory if you both agree on child custody. However, for added security, it’s highly recommended to formalise your agreement with a legal “consent order.” This ensures both parties are legally bound by the agreed-upon arrangements.

Can grandparents apply for child custody in the UK?

Yes, grandparents can apply for child custody in the UK. However, they do not have an automatic right to custody. The court will always consider the best interests of the child when making a decision about custody.

What are the steps involved in applying for child custody as a grandparent in the UK?

To apply for a child arrangements order as a grandparent, you must complete a C100 application form and send it to the court. You will also need to pay a court fee. You may also need to provide supporting evidence, such as affidavits from other family members or friends.

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