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Over £1bn of legal aid cuts have caused many people to partake unrepresented in court proceedings, or simply not fight for justice at all. The number of people receiving legal aid has fallen more than 80% in eight years.

This has prevented hundreds of thousands of people from pursuing justice in areas such as housing, debt, employment, clinical negligence, immigration, welfare payments and education and much more. To add to this the family courts are claimed to be over-run with unrepresented litigants, discouraging many people from continuing proceedings. The number of people accessing legal aid in family matters has fallen 88% in the last seven years. Within family courts legal aid is only granted to people who have alleged to be victims of domestic abuse. Since legal aid was cut in 2012 there has been a 30% increase in domestic abuse allegations in relation to cases coming before the courts. Non-molestation orders go hand in hand with domestic abuse allegations and subsequently in recent years there has been a 900% increase in non-molestation orders used in court proceedings


Representing yourself in court can be a daunting experience and with emotions running high it can be very difficult to convey your argument in the best manner. We can be of assistance; our services are those of legal consultants and we act as Mckenzie Friend’s in various cases. We offer emotional support, guidance and structure to cases at a fraction of the price of a barrister or solicitor, often gaining better results along the way. Our team have served as Mckenzie Friend’s in some of the following cases within the UK.

  • Child arrangements
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Proceeds of crime
  • Immigration
  • Welfare payments
  • Driving offences
  • Parking fine disputes
  • Medical negligence
  • Employment tribunals

We have a vast amount of knowledge and experience of courtroom procedure. Our team contains Direct Access Barristers, retired Barristers, Solicitors, University Law Students and former litigants in person who have had first-hand court experience.

Here are the governments guidelines on what a Mckenzie Friend can and cannot do. However, many of our Mckenzie Friends have addressed the courts and been given rights of audience.


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Our Fee's

Each case is assessed on an individual basis and work is charged accordingly. We adhere to providing the best service at the most competitive price we can offer.

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