Understanding McKenzie Friends: Your Legal Support on a Budget


In the world of legal matters, you might have heard of something called a McKenzie Friend. This blog post aims to explain what a McKenzie Friend is and how they can assist you when hiring a lawyer isn’t an option due to financial constraints.

What Is a McKenzie Friend?

A McKenzie Friend is a person who can accompany you to court and offer assistance and support during legal proceedings. The term “McKenzie Friend” originates from a legal case in the past, but essentially, it means having a supportive companion to help you through the legal process.

How Can a McKenzie Friend Help?

A McKenzie Friend can provide several types of assistance:

Explaining Legal Procedures: They can help you understand what’s happening in court, translating complex legal jargon into plain language so you can follow along.

Taking Notes: During court hearings, a McKenzie Friend can take notes on your behalf. These notes can be invaluable for remembering key points and ensuring you don’t miss important details.

Emotional Support: Legal proceedings can be emotionally draining. A McKenzie Friend is there to provide moral support, helping you remain composed during the process.

Organising Documents: They can assist you in organising your legal documents and evidence, ensuring everything is well-prepared and presented effectively to the court.

Offering a Different Perspective: A McKenzie Friend can offer a fresh perspective on your case, helping you consider different angles and strategies.

When Can You Use a McKenzie Friend?

You can use a McKenzie Friend in various legal proceedings, including:

Family Law Cases: Such as divorce, child custody disputes, or visitation issues.

Civil Cases: Including personal injury claims, contract disputes, or landlord-tenant disputes.

Small Claims Court: When you need assistance with claims for owed money or property disputes.

Selecting the Right McKenzie Friend

When choosing a McKenzie Friend, make sure that they are the right fit for you as you will be working with them on very important issues.

A McKenzie Friend can be a valuable ally for individuals facing legal challenges who cannot afford legal representation. They offer support, guidance, and a helping hand during a complex and often intimidating process. Whether you’re dealing with family law matters, civil disputes, or small claims court cases, understanding the role of a McKenzie Friend can empower you to seek the assistance you need to navigate the legal system effectively. Don’t hesitate to explore this option if you require legal support but are facing financial constraints.

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