Cafcass is an abbreviation for the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service. They work for the government in England and are independent in court cases. Instead, they look out for what’s best for the children involved in family court matters.

What Cafcass Does

Cafcass has an important job in family court cases, especially when children are involved. Here’s what they do:

Protecting Kids: Cafcass’ main job is to make sure kids are safe and well. They give advice to the court based on what’s best for each child.

Helping Parents Talk: Cafcass tries to help parents agree on things without going to court. They want parents to talk and find solutions together, which can save time and money.

Learning About the Child: Cafcass workers learn about a child’s life, like where they live, who takes care of them, and how they’re doing. This helps the court make decisions.

Writing Reports: Cafcass workers write reports for the court. These reports talk about what they’ve found and what they think is best for the child. Judges listen to these reports when making decisions.

Listening to Children: Cafcass makes sure kids can say what they think and feel. They tell the court what the child wants, so the child’s feelings are important too.

When Cafcass Helps

Cafcass gets involved when families have problems with child arrangements. Here are some examples:

When parents split up or divorce
If there’s a disagreement about where a child should live
When parents can’t agree on visitation or contact with the child
In cases of possible harm or neglect
When the court needs to decide about adoption or fostering


Cafcass is here to support families who can’t afford a lawyer in family court matters. They make sure that kids’ needs come first during tough times. Understanding who Cafcass is and what they do can help parents and caregivers work together with this agency to make sure children are safe and well, even when times are challenging. If you’re in a family court situation and need help, don’t be afraid to reach out to Mckenzie Friends for support.

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